What's with Chocolate?


While many creative teams get their sparks from coffee, we get ours from chocolate. To be particular, it has to be 100% pure cacao - roasted beans, finely ground, whipped into one rich-creamy-fluffy-hot chocolate drink. Now, we don't want those sparks to go to waste and we want the chocolate to keep flowing... so put us to good use by serving you and your business!
We offer solutions to improve business systems and visual design. We can start from scratch or bring things down to the essentials. Talk with us and let us take it to the next level.

I want sparks!

The SPARKS That We Do

Working with code is technical and graphic design is creative. Yes. But at CODEBOXPH, working with code is our creative expression and graphic design is done with technical prowess. We capture the vision, give them form, and they come alive!

Mobile App

Explore the benefits of having an app for your business. Offer your clients something unique, strengthen your brand, address a business problem or need, automate systems with the convenience of your smart phone... it can do so much more!

Web Development

Web presence can add credibility to your business. Effective design can capture and impress your prospects. You can also gain from interacting with your customers with your content and through social media tools. Improve your business, get online!

Creative Design

We cover creative designs for visual graphics and business systems. From print materials, to digital design, to system analysis and development, up to capturing your ideas and expressing them in ways that you've never thought of before. Anything that needs a shot of creativity!

Corporate Branding

Develop a strong brand that captures the image and perception that you want to be associated with in the minds of your customers. Exude character, quality, and value with professionally designed logos and corporate branding materials.


Build your own web applications using HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, Wordpress, e - Commerce Framework, and MySQL and advance your knowledge of OOPs programming. Start building mobile apps using Java, Android and IOS . Create projects that are great in terms of performance, business and application logic and visual presentation. Build applications from scratch using minimum code and with the support of a large number of libraries and resources..

I want to join!


We collaborate on software design with startups and make ideas come to life. We can help from conceptualization to execution or anywhere in between. We specialize in productivity and management apps..